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Shannon sings ICON praises!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

1. What were the main reasons you bought a home at ICON?

For me it came down to value and aesthetics. I had been looking to buy in the Palm Springs area for some time and found that many new construction projects lacked the design sense I was seeking. I also discovered that while beautiful to look at, a mid-century home would require a lot of time and investment to maintain - it just wasn't going to fit the lifestyle I was seeking. ICON homes are priced competitively and offer amazing features, including ample outdoor space, Tesla solar panels, spacious garages and storage, as well as beautiful kitchen appliances. But it was the private pool and hot tub sealed the deal for me!

2. What are the most positive features you like about the ICON community?

In addition to the above features I mentioned, I also love the landscaping in and around the ICON community. The unique, high-quality paved streets throughout are also a pleasant surprise. Everyone who visits me comments on this! As I work in the creative space, it's this attention to detail that I really appreciate. 

3. How important is the physical location of ICON to you with regards to your lifestyle, outdoor enjoyment, and proximity to downtown shops and restaurants? 

Very. I wanted to be close enough to downtown Palm Springs to enjoy what it has to offer. ICON is a quick 15 minute walk and about a 5 minute ride from the closest shops and restaurants. I especially love getting up early and heading to my favorite coffee shop, taking in the scenic mountain views as I drive downtown. 

4. If a friend, family member or work acquaintance were to ask you about ICON, with regards to them possibly buying a home here, what would you tell them?

Buy! Without a doubt, it's the best decision I've made when it comes to real estate. 

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